Keep Portland Weird!

It is one of my indisputable rules for visitors – Keep Portland Weird! Laugh at it, participate, applaud, marvel, wonder “Would I ever do that?” Why? Well why not? There are many places in the country and world with more strict social rules. In Portland, weird is not necessarily the norm but it is encouraged, tolerated, or just ignored. So give it a whirl and have some fun.

(via my pal Bob Ball!)

Fall Sampler – day tripping around Portland

Today I showed Jeep & Larry around Portland, stopping in at some places on their bucket list and into a few spots I thought they’d like. A great tour on a lovely first day of Fall! 

We visited Peninsula Park Rose Garden, Mississippi Ave, Powell’s City of Books, the Pearl District, and lunch at one of the last old school diners in America – Fuller’s Coffee Shop. 👌🏻

Crinckle and hand cut fries at Fullers Coffee Shop
Fuller’s Coffee Shop
Powell’s City of Books
Pearl District
Peninsula Park Rose Garden
Peninsula Park Rose Garden